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Our day of destiny awaits for Men's 1st Team..

Our day of destiny awaits for Men's 1st Team..

Stephen Chambers16 Feb - 19:41
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fans and followers of Watford Water Polo Club, we stand on the cusp of a monumental weekend in the British Water Polo League Championship One.

Our team is gearing up for two crucial encounters that could potentially seal our promotion to Division 1, marking a significant milestone in our club's history.

This Saturday at 3:20 pm, Watford will face the formidable Caledonia, a team known for their resilience and strategic gameplay. Following this, on Sunday at 11:20 am, we'll battle it out against Portobello, another key competitor in the league. Victories in both matches will not just symbolize our team's strength and determination but will almost certainly guarantee our ascent to Division 1.

Let's take a moment to appreciate the squad that will carry the hopes and dreams of Watford this weekend:

1. **Karan Basu** - Our guardian of the goal, known for his lightning-quick reflexes and unwavering focus.
2. **Jack Warman** - A formidable presence in defense, always ready to disrupt the opposition's plans.
3. **Zac Corcoran** - Known for his agility and precision, a threat in both defense and attack.
4. **Andy Holt** - A versatile player whose experience and skillset make him invaluable to the team.
5. **Cameron Baker** - A dynamic force in the water, always pushing the pace and creating opportunities.
6. **Tom Kelly** - His strategic insight and leadership in the pool can turn the tide of any game.
7. **Fin Parnell** - An explosive player known for his powerful shots and tenacity.
8. **Jared Baker** - A master of ball control, setting up plays and scoring crucial goals.
9. **Jack Pickford** - His determination and work ethic inspire the team, a true competitor.
10. **Sam Carling** - Known for his speed and maneuverability, always a step ahead of his opponents.
11. **Matthew Williams** - A robust defender, adept at thwarting the opposition's advances.
12. **Joshua Barrett** - With his keen eye and precision, he's a threat from any distance.
13. **Josh Brown** - The team's wildcard, capable of changing the game's dynamic with his unpredictable plays.

This weekend is more than just about winning games; it's about making a statement, about showcasing the spirit, skill, and camaraderie that defines Watford Water Polo Club. It's about taking that giant leap forward towards Division 1, a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion of every player, coach, and supporter involved

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